True-Life Adventures: Emerald City Con, 2015 – Thurs/Fri

Didn’t I just talk about this thing last year? YES, I DID!

And apparently, only three other posts on this blog since then. I… need to write stuff here a bit more.

But until I do, here’s a recap of my second visit to the Emerald City Comic Con, which had some minor changes – some good, some bad –  from last year’s show.

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True-Life Adventures: Emerald City Con, 2014 – Friday

Yes, folks, it’s a report about a comic book convention: my first since 1997. If you cannot stand the sight of such things, you may move on! No one will judge you.**

In between then and now I’ve attended what I guess you could call Show Conventions, in the sense that they revolved around specific TV shows or movies, rather than the Whole of Fandom.

Seattle’s Emerald City Comicon lasts three days, and since Friday was kind of a big day for me, I’ll likely make this its own post, then combine the weekend. I will try to skip the rinse-and-repeat nature of cons. Also, I did not take a lot of pictures of people in costumes, aka cosplayers. That’s because that involves approaching strangers, which is most unnatural for me. Apologies in advance!

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True-Life Adventures: Disney Cruise, Days 6-8

Thursday, October 3 – Saturday, Oct 5

In case you were wondering if I’d ever get through this!  New friends, I love the attention for this series, but I can’t help but wonder what will happen when I return to my original posts: the fictional, mushy romance known as The Pauper Prince. I suspect that my fellow travelers will disembark.

Ha! Pun. I make pun!

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True-Life Adventures: Disney Cruise, Day 5

Wednesday, October 2


Without any means of setting an alarm other than a wake up call, both Mom and I slept in till about 9:30. In her case she was on and off asleep before finally getting up. In my case, 9:30 is early when it’s not a workday.

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True-Life Adventures: Disney Cruise, Day 4b

still Tuesday, October 1.


In the spirit of being nearish to the Caribbean, Tuesday was also Pirate Night on the Wonder.

It becomes easier to see who the cruise veterans are on such occasions. For this trip I’d packed one large suitcase for check-in and my backpack as the carry-on. With 5 shirts and 5 pants to last me 8 days, and other stuff like socks, bras, and underwear, my suitcase was devoid of any extra space. Yet there were whole families after whole families decked out in full, elaborate pirate outfits and accessories for this ever-special occasion. These veterans are either the world’s greatest packers, or brought two, three, or more check-ins.

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