About Storytime Theatre

Hello, and thank you for peeking at my fourth blog under the same account (Herdthinner)!

This blog used to be part of Herdthinner’s Happy Place with the intent of mixing my fiction and True-Life Adventure tales with the occasional, the rare, what I call “navel gazes.” The self-reflective stuff. You know what I mean. But the latter started getting more frequent, and that’s not what I set out to do when I first created the Happy Place.

So, I split all that into two blogs so that I can focus only on the stories here, and leave the deep contemplation to the other.

What kind of stories? Well, for now, there are two:

The Pauper Prince a mushy romance and wish-fulfillment set in a European-ish “Middle Ages.” Think a 180 of A Song of Ice and Fire. For one thing, my characters survive their weddings. Also, don’t expect too much historical accuracy. It’s “fairy tale” Europe, you know? When Pauper Prince is done, another fictional tale will begin, but I know as much as you do what it will be.

True-Life Adventures:  Named after the series of highly-staged “wild animal” Disney shorts, these are my own adventures in the wilds of fan conventions and ship cruises.

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