The Pauper Prince – Part 40

The Pauper Prince
Chapter 40

A typical journey to Halliard was four days, and this was no exception, but seemed twice as long with the inclusion of Princess Isabel the Inconsolable, and her mother, Princess Mara the Fretting. On the first day Isabel was in another carriage, with Miss Daphne, Millicent, and Fiona. Every moment of Isabel crying convinced Mara more and more that she was a horrible mother and was breaking the promise she’d made to her own (rest her soul). The King and Queen finally stopped the caravan when Mara broke down into her own tears to match her daughter’s. They sat mostly with hand-on-face while Mara bolted outside to attempt to console her child. Shortly thereafter Kelvin left the carriage to console his wife. His patience with her held, but it was made clear in no uncertain terms that the journey would resume straight away and with original carriage arrangements. As awful as it was to endure their daughter’s misery, these trips would become a way of life quickly.

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True-Life Adventures: Emerald City Con, 2014 – Friday

Yes, folks, it’s a report about a comic book convention: my first since 1997. If you cannot stand the sight of such things, you may move on! No one will judge you.**

In between then and now I’ve attended what I guess you could call Show Conventions, in the sense that they revolved around specific TV shows or movies, rather than the Whole of Fandom.

Seattle’s Emerald City Comicon lasts three days, and since Friday was kind of a big day for me, I’ll likely make this its own post, then combine the weekend. I will try to skip the rinse-and-repeat nature of cons. Also, I did not take a lot of pictures of people in costumes, aka cosplayers. That’s because that involves approachingĀ strangers, which is most unnatural for me. Apologies in advance!

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