True-Life Adventures: Disney Cruise, Day 4b

still Tuesday, October 1.


In the spirit of being nearish to the Caribbean, Tuesday was also Pirate Night on the Wonder.

It becomes easier to see who the cruise veterans are on such occasions. For this trip I’d packed one large suitcase for check-in and my backpack as the carry-on. With 5 shirts and 5 pants to last me 8 days, and other stuff like socks, bras, and underwear, my suitcase was devoid of any extra space. Yet there were whole families after whole families decked out in full, elaborate pirate outfits and accessories for this ever-special occasion. These veterans are either the world’s greatest packers, or brought two, three, or more check-ins.

I apologize in advance for the dearth of photos of people piratical. I was careful to take photos either of people I knew, of crowds, or of “things.” I don’t know what people would think of me stopping to get shots of just them. So there it is.

My travel cadre was in the category of Did Not Bring Extra Luggage for Costumes. I’d heard that bandanas would be provided at everyone’s tables for dinner, regardless if one had come prepared. I was semi-prepared, having bought my own bandana, covered with skulls, while at Key West. I also bought magnets and drink coasters, but those wouldn’t come in very handy for pirate night. In the official Disney merchandise stores on board, I had purchased a blue T-shirt with “Pirates of the Caribbean” printed thereon, because God knows I need even more shirts advertising for the Walt Disney Company.

So as not to keep you in suspense, this was the result.



Cropped out is Mom beside me, who was quite dissatisfied with her appearance in the picture. Because I look so much better. Anyway, You’re Welcome, Mom!

All of the main dining rooms had Pirate-themed menus, with piratical puns, but otherwise “normal” food. I should say that, overall, the cruise food was much better than typical stuff at Disneyland. I wouldn’t know about Walt Disney World. California Adventure, though, has some nifty fare, so if you’re ever at the Anaheim parks and need a meal, eat there.

Sorry, one more food anecdote. As mentioned in another post, some in my travel group had food intolerances, and the cruise staff went bonkers over that. It was like we had two dining crews in competition over who could fuss more over them: Palo’s and the main dining hall’s. One night (not the Pirate one) our lead server out of the blue decided that we should have our own private meal of curry. I don’t like curry, so had given him a “no thank you” when he’d asked.

It was Pirate Night when the fully-prepared curry meal plus rice was suddenly brought to our table. We had already ordered from the regular menu, and now had two full meals spread around. On a cruise, there’s no such thing as taking leftovers to the stateroom. That I know of, anyway. So not only do normal cruises feed you to bursting, but because of all these cooking challenges, the staff kept bringing more and more “special” food for us, like artisan breads on top of the bread we usually got. Or chicken and vegetable curry, because I’d let slip to the lead server that I’m an herbivore.


Speaking of which, our lead server and server obliged me for this photo (missing: our assistant server). As did Friend and Sister. Note the complimentary pirate bandana!

DSCN1148 ??????????

The host station at the Parrot Cay. A rather appropriate venue for this night, given its already tropical look. That’s Mom behind the counter for the second picture.

DSCN1157 DSCN1158

There was a pool party at 9:45 that Sister and I wanted to check out, so this meant a lot of time filling activities. We settled in at the Cove Cafe, the adults-only bar that, for some reason, wasn’t asking the three couples who’d brought their infants inside to leave. Or maybe leave the infants outside the door. I don’t know how these things are handled. But then, once the trio finally left the bar (on their own, I think), the remaining adults laughed loudly and often at… funny things on the TV, I guess. So, no change in the sound volume.

The Pirate Party

This being a Disney event, the pool dance party was explicitly devoid of twerking, bumping, grinding, or other dirty dancing that kids these days might be indulging in. The Jr. Cruise Directors were dressed as pirates and tried to lead the large crowd in various line dances. Because clueless, randomly-spaced crowds are perfect for tightly-choreographed routines. Speaking of random, here are some pictures of the event.

DSCN1162 ?????????? DSCN1167 ?????????? ??????????

I’m standing on the Disney dancers’ platform. Sister insisted that I pose there. When she was done, I saw that an official Disney dancer was waiting for me to get off so he could do his routine.


You knew there’d be characters around for this, right? With a “story,” of course. From what I could tell, uh… good?… pirates started the show, and then “bad” pirates came and danced to better songs than the original crew had. Translation: songs that I knew. In real life it was to give the first team a break. Then Captain Hook showed up and menaced the crowd (I think). Then Pirate Mickey showed up via a zipline. Seriously; he started at deck 10 and zipped to the main stage on deck 9. Then… Hook was defeated? The original crew’s break ended, and it all concluded with a chorus line and fireworks show. Maybe the BluRay for all this will have subtitles and a behind-the-scenes feature. Here are blurry pictures of the characters:

?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????

I’d post my attempts at the fireworks show, but unless it’s the grand finale with twenty explosions happening at once, who cares, right? Sometimes not even then.

Here are two more piratical images before we call it a night.The first is a shot of Mickey that I got around the lobby atrium, where most character photo ops occurred. I don’t remember whose turn it was below, but Mickey was just hanging out on the stairs, waving at people, and so on.


This was the backdrop for the Pirate Night family portraits. Every night there was a different backdrop in the lobby, relevant to whatever the night’s theme was. As you can imagine, the families in full costume were the ones who took the most advantage of this. I took this shot just before the next family stepped in. Like I said, I was trying to avoid pictures of people I didn’t know.



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