True-Life Adventures: Disney Cruise, Day 2

Sunday, September 29.

This was an “at sea” day till the first destination, Key West, so I’ll try to keep it short and then end it with a bunch of pictures in and around the ship. With no need to disembark, I wandered and took pictures galore. I never left the room without a camera.

Sunday is traditionally the formal dining night for cruise ships, but here’s the deal: I hate dressing up. Seriously. Hate it. I don’t even like “dressing nicely.” I’m a middle-aged woman who owns no high heels and no slinky dresses and hopes to stay that way. I brought one “nice” top and a pair of shoes (not heels) and used those up at Palo. So I was quite relieved to learn that the main dining halls don’t enforce a formal dress code. Well, other than “pants and shoes,” I guess.

An activity I came up with was collecting countries. I’d heard that over 60 countries were represented by the crew, so I started keeping track of every unique country that I saw on a name tag. The rule I made was that I had to see it, not simply be told about it. I’ll give the final list on my last day, but I topped it at 32.

Activities: watched Monsters University, in 3D, no less, in the onboard theatre. The live show was the ventriloquist from Saturday, so I skipped that. I ate lunch in the dining room that would have been Saturday’s dinner, Parrot Cay. Its theme is island/jungle. Sort of like eating in the Enchanted Tiki Room, but there were no animated animals to distract us.

The dinner was at Triton’s, where we finally met our server team. Countries: India, Phillipines, Botswana. I was down right on time for two reasons: one is that I’m fanatical about being on time for things. Two is that there are two dining times, and we were on the first shift. That meant that being fashionably late was being rudely late. Officially they weren’t allowed to rush guests, but they had deadlines for different things, like when the chef stops cooking, and so on. You really can’t linger.

Because we were at sea, the duty-free shops were open. I kept my purchases as low as possible. A T-shirt, some magnets, one lanyard, that sort of thing. I’m not a pin collector. Those are quite big with many Disney fans these days.

One of my sisters had wanted to join us for the cruise, but could not, so she demanded a picture of me with Mickey and Minnie as consolation. As it was, Sunday night was the one and only time that both characters were posing together, so I waited in line starting at 9 for the 9:45 pics. The line got… long… as time went on. Because it was formal night, they were dressed in their finest. I was not. The result from my camera is below.

Last was another round of karaoke, this time to sing “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin. I’m a character-voice sort, so it was fun trying all of Robin Williams’ voices for that song. It also helps that I’m a tenor.

Oh, fine. A contralto. Happy, music students?

Now, a bunch of pictures.

Michael, Minerva and Me. Look at my shirt and tell me I’m not a Disney tool!



The main lobby atrium, and where we first boarded. The double doors for that are near the middle of the picture. The grand staircase has a statue of Arial at bottom. She faces foreward, meaning her backside is aft.

The entrance to Triton is behind her. One deck above is “Studio Sea,” where karaoke was, plus other activities.

Most photo ops took place here, including things like formal family pictures, so it was good sense to pay attention to character appearances in order to avoid mobs.

Other random locations.

DSCN1253 ??????????

View from the bow, and as noted earlier, the “Funnel Vision,” where movies played all day. At the moment it’s The Jungle Book. Speaking of the bow, I learned later that the stateroom TV’s have a “bow cam” channel. 24/7 of watching… that.

?????????? DSCN0907

The Mickey pool, strictly for kiddies. The slide is held up by Mickey’s hand. Looking down, you see that the three pools make up his face.

?????????? ??????????

Some views from Deck 4, the promenade deck. That and deck 10 are the only ones that have an uninterrupted path around the ship. In case you’re wondering, those portholes are windowless. Open to the outside, that is.


An interior view of the bow. Disney makes sure that everything looks bright and shiny, even the anchor chains and water rescue vehicles.

?????????? DSCN1329 ??????????

Some deck 4 signage and a view of all the lifeboats on the port side.


Some interior views. First, the three main restaurants.


DSCN0913 ??????????


DSCN0942 DSCN0943 DSCN0944


As you can see, things start out black and white.

DSCN0916 DSCN0917 ?????????? DSCN1059

…then colors start appearing, especially in the wall pictures. Also, select pictures show clips from animated films throughout the meal. At one point our servers disappeared, someone showed up with a microphone, and then Sorcerer Mickey appeared and led them around the room. I didn’t get a shot of Mickey, but did get one of their march. Note that the jackets have color now. too.

?????????? DSCN1064

Out and About

“Route 66,” the most visually interesting area for me. We walked through here for that first concierge lounge meeting. The carpeting consists of a map of Route 66 that continues through the whole corridor.

DSCN0924 DSCN0925 ?????????? ?????????? DSCN0931 ??????????

My hometown, listed at bottom.

?????????? DSCN0929

If you’re wondering how big the portholes are… this big.DSCN0938 ??????????

That’s enough nonsense for now. More interior pics for other posts.

Day 3: Key West!


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