The Pauper Prince – Part 36

The Pauper Prince
Chapter 36

Adding insult to injury was Count Richard’s challenges in finding a clergyman to agree to preside over his wife’s funeral. Lucinda’s suicide was categorically declared a great sin, with her chances of salvation moot. One pastor dared to claim it folly to pretend that she was resting at peace, rather than being tormented for all eternity. It took all the Count’s self-restraint, which was weak at best, to refrain from severely damaging the clergyman for that opinion. He knew what would change the church’s mind, but did not have the means to do so.

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True-Life Adventures: Disney Cruise, Days 6-8

Thursday, October 3 – Saturday, Oct 5

In case you were wondering if I’d ever get through this! ¬†New friends, I love the attention for this series, but I can’t help but wonder what will happen when I return to my original posts: the fictional, mushy romance known as The Pauper Prince. I suspect that my fellow travelers will disembark.

Ha! Pun. I make pun!

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True-Life Adventures: Disney Cruise, Day 5

Wednesday, October 2


Without any means of setting an alarm other than a wake up call, both Mom and I slept in till about 9:30. In her case she was on and off asleep before finally getting up. In my case, 9:30 is early when it’s not a workday.

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True-Life Adventures: Disney Cruise, Day 4b

still Tuesday, October 1.


In the spirit of being nearish to the Caribbean, Tuesday was also Pirate Night on the Wonder.

It becomes easier to see who the cruise veterans are on such occasions. For this trip I’d packed one large suitcase for check-in and my backpack as the carry-on. With 5 shirts and 5 pants to last me 8 days, and other stuff like socks, bras, and underwear, my suitcase was devoid of any extra space. Yet there were whole families after whole families decked out in full, elaborate pirate outfits and accessories for this ever-special occasion. These veterans are either the world’s greatest packers, or brought two, three, or more check-ins.

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True-Life Adventures: Disney Cruise, Day 4a

Tuesday, October 1.

CASTAWAY CAY, part 1!!

As mentioned before, Disney owns a little island in the Bahamas and has Dis-nified it, set up shops and eateries and on. Yes, even the classic characters showed up for photo ops. And Jack Sparrow, but I was unable to meet him this time. But our dock was much better this time around. As for the rodent, I’m not in the picture. I’m just showing that, yes, the characters are out in 90+ degree heat.

?????????? ??????????

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True-Life Adventures: Disney Cruise, Day 3

Monday, September 30.


My journal says that I had a “quiet breakfast in Triton.” It’s good that I kept a journal, because I don’t recall anything about that breakfast.

A plus about Key West: phone service had returned. It’s part of the U.S., after all. Florida, in case you’re wondering. And this marked the first time I’d ever set foot on Florida soil, in spite of many opportunities to do so. Someday I will make pilgrimage to Orlando. One guess what I’d find of interest there.

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